Reishi Spore Oil 500mg Softgels – 20% Triterpenes – 5% polysaccharides

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Reishi Spore Oil 500mg – 20% Triterpenes – 5% polysaccharides

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Triterpenes, or triterpenoids as the name suggests are chemical compounds composed of three (tri) terpene units. Terpenes are actually a diverse class of strong smelling organic compounds which are produced by a number of plants (conifers) and mushrooms including the well-known, Reishi and Reishi spore oil contains some of the highest, most bio-available levels of triterpenes in any health supplement.

Benefits may include:

•    Aid the digestive system and nourish the stomach

•    Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

•    Enhance nervous system function

•    Balance bodily processes

•    Improve blood pressure and circulation

•    Strengthen the immune system

•    Shen support

Why Reishi?

Being one of the oldest mushrooms known to humankind, ‘Reishi mushrooms’ or Ganoderma lucidum is known to contain the highest amount of Triterpenes per weight compared to other mushrooms and commonly utilized for extracting. Because of the high Triterpene content, it is called the “the great protector” in traditional Asian medicine chiefly owing to its miraculous adaptogenic abilities which guard us against daily physical, immunological and mental stress. The primary triterpene is called ‘ganoderic acid’ and others are areganoderiol, ganodermic acid and lucidenic acid, all having unique health boosting capabilities.

Because of the proven benefits, these mushrooms are gradually being accepted in conventional Western medicine as a complementary pharmacological aid to alleviate quite a number of disorders which will be explained below.

Yes, we use spore oil

Mushrooms are fungi that bear spores which are for reproduction and at the end of their growing season, they release millions of spores. Studies have found them to contain the highest concentration of bioactive materials of the mushroom including triterpenes, more than the mushroom itself. Therefore in our Reishi products, we use a large amount of Reishi mushrooms and spores just to produce a little bit of precious oil.

A few proven health benefits of triterpenes

Being called ‘lingzhi’ in Chinese, the traditional Chinese medicine has used Reishi mushrooms for over 2000 years. Though they had not extracted triterpenes or not used that word, they were able to hypothesize that a group of chemicals were responsible for these marvelous benefits. However, with advancing scientific studies and knowledge, today we have been able to identify and isolate these compounds which when used regularly can promote health and encourage a long life. Let’s have a peek at a few benefits.

  • Suppressing the inflammatory response

Inflammation is a natural process that protects our body from infections, damaged cells, or irritants through a variety of processes. When we were bitten by a bee it swells because of inflammation. However, there is a variety called ‘chronic inflammation’ which is not so good and causes a slow burning inflammation widespread throughout the body contributing to many leading causes of death in the UK and the USA.  Some cancers, diabetes, strokes, heart diseases and a number of kidney diseases all have some relationship with the dreaded chronic inflammation. Nevertheless, according to studies, triterpenes isolated from Reishi are found to be capable of down-regulating the signaling processes of inflammation thereby minimizing the damage imposed upon the body when consumed for some time.

  • Improves Digestion

For a good health, a good digestion is essential and even if you are eating the healthiest diet possible, if your gut cannot digest them it would be in vain. Fortunately, triterpenes can aid you in regulating the gut microenvironment protecting the commensals (good bacteria) while warding off the bad ones while controlling the secretions enabling the gut to work at optimal levels.

  • A potent ‘Shen’ Tonic

According to Chinese medicine, Reishi is considered a powerful ‘then’ tonic which is able calm and soothes the nerves while promoting a clearer state of mind. Being used by Taoist monks and spiritual seekers for thousands of years it is believed to enhance mental prowess and expand inner consciousness.

  • Protects your liver

If you are looking for a herb to soothe and detoxify the liver, triterpenes from Reishi mushrooms are a welcome addition. Our liver acts as a commanding center and a coordinating center between most organs and systems and when the liver is ‘happy’ those organs will also be happy. However being a systemic purifier that detoxifies most of the bodily waste products, it is not easy to detoxify the liver. The triterpenes are potent antioxidants that can neutralize the free radicals in the liver freeing the liver from a list of jobs. Being a liver tonic, these compounds can reduce the cholesterol synthesis in the liver and promote excretion which is highly beneficial for those suffering from narrowing of blood vessels.

  • Can help in the treatment of many cancers

A powerful adaptogen

Adaptogens are herbs or chemical compounds that can stabilize our physiological processes thus enable us to adapt to any kind of mental or physical stress. When we are under stress secretion of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol increases which increase the heart rate and blood sugar in the name of fighting the stressor. These situations are not considered healthy and adaptogens like triterpenes can stabilize blood sugars and mitigate stress significantly resulting in a general sense of well-being.

Why choose our products?

We use organically grown true red reishi on wooden logs and our oils are extracted directly from cracked-shell spores using cutting edge technology to provide you the best triterpene concentration per volume. Our oil not only contains triterpenes, the oil contains the essence of all the lipid-soluble substances within reishi spores for an added benefit. Our products are extremely concentrated and easily absorbable. It is no secret that many reishi oil products are available but it is crucial to buy from a reputable maker/seller that uses cutting edge extraction techniques that yield the maximum bioavailability.


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Red Reishi Spore Oil 500mg Providing Triterpenes 100mg Providing Polysaccharides 25mg

Softgel Gelatin Capsule derived from fish.

Suggested Use: As a diet supplement for adults, take 1 to 2 capsules daily preferably 30 minutes before a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

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