Cognitive Enhancers: An Overview of ‘Nootropic’ Supplements

Cognitive Enhancers Cognitive enhancers, commonly known as ‘Nootropics’ refers to supplements and drugs that have a beneficial effect on brain function. The popularity of cognitive enhancers has surged in recent times, perhaps due in-part to Hollywood blockbuster Limitless. While cognitive enhancers cannot offer the the superhuman effects experienced by Bradley Cooper from NZT-48, they can significantly improve various aspects of cognitive health, including executive functions (e.g. concentration, attention, alertness, etc), memory, learning and motivation. .

Eye Health: The Key Nutrients

Eye Health
Our eyes are one of our most precious sensory organs which is why it’s important to maintain them. There are a number of ways to ensure we’re keeping our eyes in the best possible condition, these include taking eye tests every other year (as recommended by the NHS), limiting alcohol intake, avoiding smoking, using sun protection, and ensuring we’re including eye nutrients in our diet. Below are some of the key nutrients for promotion .

Fantastic Antioxidants And Where To Find Them

The science Our body is constantly under attack by what’s known as free radicals. Without getting into too much detail, free radicals are formed within the body when oxygen molecules split leaving leaving two oxygen atoms, each with a single, unpaired electron. Once separated, these atoms are desperately trying to become more stable so they steal electrons from other molecules within your body in a highly damaging process known as oxidation, causing you to .

Bust your stress using our high-quality, high strength Adaptogen Complex 6

From the early years of human evolution, we have used plants and its derivatives for nourishment and to combat diseases that made the plants especially the herbs essential for survival. Unlike today there were no sophisticated lab tests to isolate the active compounds and most herbs were selected by observing its effect on human body. However due to the advancing scientific knowledge scientists have been able to identify and isolate many compounds within herbs .
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