Cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract 100g powder – 30% Polysaccharides


Cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract 100g powder

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✔️NATURALLY GROWN. Time Health Cordyceps sinensis extract is grown on organic gluten-free grain.

✔️FULL SPECTRUM, DUAL-EXTRACTED. Alcohol and water used to extract both water-soluble and non-water-soluble bio actives, resulting in a higher quality extract compared to single method extraction powders.

✔️HIGH POLYSACCHARIDES. Our Cordyceps Sinensis powder contains 30% polysaccharides, of which 8-12% are Beta glucans.

✔️HEALTH & PERFORMANCE BENEFITS. Cordyceps Sinensis has long been used in traditional chinese medicine as an immune booster and to help support cardiovascular function. Additionally, the mushroom has been used as a natural performance enhancer, increasing energy and reducing fatigue.

✔️ADD TO DRINKS & MEALS. Our Cordyceps Sinensis is a perfect addition to your favourite meals and shakes for an added health kick!

As a food supplement for adults.

Suggested Use:
0.5 to 2 grams per day. 1 teaspoon equals 2 grams.

Medicinal mushroom powders are no longer measured in extract ratios eg:10:1/20:1.
Extract ratios are the outdated form of measurement for medicinal mushrooms.
The new standard of measuring medicinal mushrooms is in polysaccharides.
Polysaccharides are the group of nutrients including beta-glucans/alpha-glucans to name a few of the most well-known that have been scientifically proven to be what gives medicinal mushrooms their health giving properties.
A medicinal mushroom powder with zero polysaccharides has no health giving properties.Many companies still sell extracts of 10:1, this means nothing as this may only include 1% or even less in polysaccharides giving no benefit whatsoever.


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