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Lion’s Mane – A Mycological Marvel

Meet the Mushroom Lion’s Mane – A Mycological Marvel Lion’s mane mushrooms for gut and cognitive function protection They might sound like the glorious hairdo of a hirsute fairy tale beast, but lion’s mane mushrooms, or Hericium erinaceus are actually a pretty smart food, and you’ll soon see why. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, these mushrooms were always thought to harbour neuroprotective properties – that the Chinese and Japanese have known about .

Mushroom Complex 6, boost your health with six powerful organic mushrooms

A mushroom is a unique yet complex organism that is packed with thousands of enzymes and a number of nutrients offering numerous health benefits. They are a group of fungi with above ground fleshy reproductive structures or fruit bodies which we generally call mushrooms. Across the world, many ancient cultures have trusted mushrooms’ ability to promote health and wellness including ancient Egyptians, who believed it to be ‘the plant of immortality’ about 4600 years .