Organic Maqui Berry Powder | Freeze Dried | Superfood | Low Seed Content | Rich & Natural Source of Antioxidants | Soil Association Certified | Vegan


Our organic maqui berry powder is freeze-dried and nutrient-rich.



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Organic Maqui Berry Freeze Dried Powder
This item: Organic Maqui Berry Powder | Freeze Dried | Superfood | Low Seed Content | Rich & Natural Source of Antioxidants | Soil Association Certified | Vegan £15.67 £15.99
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Maqui berries are the small, dark purple berries that grow on the Maqui tree, a plant species native to the rainforests of southern and central Chile. With a flavour similar to blackberries, they’re also known as the ‘Chilean wineberry’.

With a particularly high anthocyanin content – antioxidants that have been linked to a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory action and improved circulation – maqui is truly one of nature’s finest superfoods.

✔️FREEZE-DRIED. Freeze-drying preserves the nutritional contents of whole fruits without altering any of the fruits properties. Unlike other forms of drying where the fruit can lose up to 60% of its nutritional value due to high temperatures, freeze drying gently removes the moisture from the whole fruit whilst locking in up to 98% of its original nutrients and taste.

✔️LOW SEED CONTENT. Many maqui powders are gritty due to the high volume of seeds that end up in the final product. Our premium powder has a very low seed content resulting in a much smoother powder.

✔️PERFECT FOR SMOOTHIES, SHAKES AND CEREAL. Maqui is delicious addition to a variety of food and drinks.

✔️ALL-NATURAL, SOIL ASSOCIATION ORGANIC. Our maqui powder is soil association certified organic, grown without pesticides and free from any GMOs.

To find out more about maqui berry, visit our knowledge base.


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Maqui Berry


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Ingredients & Suggested Use

Ingredients :
Organic Freeze-Dried Maqui Berry Powder

Suggested use:
As a diet supplement for adults.
Take 2 teaspoons or 5 grams daily with food, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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