Marine Calcium and Trace Minerals Powder From Seaweed 100g


Marine Calcium and Trace Minerals Powder From Seaweed 100g

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✔️DERIVED FROM 100% CALCIFIED SEAWEED. Most calcium supplements on the market today are made of inorganic compounds such as limestone or oyster shell that are not bioavailable to the body. Time Health’s calcified seaweed is derived from which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater.

✔️HEALTH BENEFITS. Calcium is a crucial nutrient for our bodies as it contributes to our health in a number of ways including:

  • – Normal blood clotting.
  • Maintenance of normal bones.
  • – Maintenance of normal teeth.
  • Normal muscle function.
  • – Normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • – Normal cell division and differentiation.
  • Normal neurotransmission.
  • Normal energy metabolism.

✔️CAN BE ADDED TO A VARIETY OF DRINKS AND MEALS. Our marine calcium powder makes for a fantastic, healthy addition to your favourite smoothies, shakes and meals.

As a food supplement for adults.

Suggested Use:
500mg to 2000mg per day. 1 scoop provided equals 500mg

Ingredients: Calcified seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum)
500mg of Calcified seaweed provides 250mg of Calcium.


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