MariLut ® 10mg Lutein – 10mg Meso-Zeaxanthin – 2mg zeaxanthin – 4 Month Supply – 120 Softgels (Non-Vegan)


Our MariLut softgels contain the proven combination of 10mg Lutein, 10mg Meso-Zeaxanthin and 2mg Zeaxanthin. Taken together these nutrients help to boost overall eye health and are especially beneficial for supporting against age-related eye problems.




✔️HELPS SUPPORT EYES . Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin are essential nutrients which help support healthy eyes.

✔️PREMIUM MariLut SOFTGELS. Time Health has teamed up with MariLut from PIVEG, INC in the USA, one of the world’s most premium Lutein/ Meso-zeaxanthin / Zeaxanthin manufacturers to bring you this one a day soft gel.

✔️FORMULATED ACCORDING TO NATURE. The formula contains 10mg Lutein, 10mg Meso-zeaxanthin and 2mg Zeaxanthin. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found naturally present in nature at a ratio of 5:1, which is why MariLut soft gels contain 10mg Lutein and 2mg Zeaxanthin. 100% Natural from marigold petals. Gluten-Free. Iron Oxide Free.

✔️OPTIMAL DOSE INDICATED BY RESEARCH. Recent studies at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, have shown that the optimal response to Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin can be achieved when consumed at these levels.

✔️OTHER PRODUCTS AVAILABLE. Vegan? Not to worry, we also sell a 100% vegan-friendly 10-10-2 formula, simply search “lutein 10-10-2”. We also have our ever-popular Eye Complex 7 which combines 7 proven eye nutrients (Lutein, Zeaxanthin & Meso-zeaxanthin with Goji, NZ Blackcurrant, Eyebright & Bilberry) into a simple one-a-day capsule. If you’re looking for a stronger lutein product, try out our lutein 40mg – Zeaxanthin 2mg formula or our Lutein 30mg – Mesozeaxanthin 10mg – Zeaxanthin 6mg.

Part of the retina called the macula is protected by a kind of natural sunscreen to prevent the vision cells from being damaged by blue or UV light. This natural sunscreen is made up of a yellowish macular pigment, this is a mixture of three light-absorbing compounds; lutein, zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin. Our bodies cannot make these three compounds so we have to get them from our diet or from supplements.

To find out more about marigold, visit our knowledge base.

Do eye supplements work?

Michael Mosley from the ‘BBC trust me I’m a doctor’ took supplements containing these same nutrients in this exact dose every day for 12 weeks. He had his blood levels of the chemicals, the amount of macular pigments in his eyes, and his eyesight thoroughly tested before and after taking the supplements.


Overall, Michael showed an improvement in many aspects of his vision – but especially his perception of yellow/blue colours and his night vision), and increase in his macular pigment density and an increase in these compounds in his blood.




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120 Softgel Bottle, 120 Softgel Pouch



Ingredients & Suggested Use

Typical amount per capsule:
Marigold Extract in safflower oil 300mg
Providing Lutein 10mg
Providing Meso-Zeaxanthin 10mg
Providing Zeaxanthin 2mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (bovine), glycerin, mixed natural tocophelols (vitamin e), natural caramel colour.

Variations in softgel colour are a normal part of the natural settlement of nutrients. Settlement of nutrients is visible in our soft gels as we do not use iron oxide in our soft gels due to the health concerns it brings.

Suggested Use:
As a food supplement for adults.
Take 1 soft gel capsule daily with food, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


3rd party heavy metal analysis

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