Lutein 10mg – Meso-zeaxanthin 10mg – Zeaxanthin 2mg 120 Capsule Pouch


Lutein 10mg – Meso-zeaxanthin 10mg – Zeaxanthin 2mg 120 Capsule Pouch

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Time Health vegan/vegetarian gluten free all natural Lutein – Meso-zeaxanthin – Zeaxanthin is extracted from marigold petals a highly bio-available, natural source of these three important carotenoid nutrients. Micro-encapsulated in natural acacia tree gum for greater stability & bio-availability.

Lutein, Meso-zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin is made from natural marigold flowers; your body uses them to make something called macular pigment in the retina. This pigment protects the eyes much like UV sunglasses do. Low levels of these nutrients in your diet can cause macular degeneration. No matter what the condition of your eyes it is beneficial to take them these important nutrients to help protect your eyes.

Our formula contains 10mg Lutein, 10mg Meso-zeaxanthin and 2mg zeaxanthin. Recent studies at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, have shown that the optimal response to these nutrients can be achieved when consumed at these levels.

Nicknamed “the eye vitamin,” it is a type of carotenoid antioxidant that is most well-known for helping to protect the eyes.

Lutein is found in brightly coloured foods like fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens and types that are deep orange or yellow.

Does it really work ? Michael Mosley from the BBC trust me I’m a doctor took supplements containing these same nutrients in this exact dose every day for 12 weeks. He had his blood levels of the chemicals, the amount of macular pigments in his eyes, and his eyesight thoroughly tested before and after taking the supplements.

Results Overall, Michael showed an improvement in many aspects of his vision – but especially his perception of yellow/blue colours and his night vision), and increase in his macular pigment density and an increase in these compounds in his blood.



Per capsule: 300mg Microencapsulatd marigold extract. Providing 10mg Lutein – 10mg Meso-Zeaxanthin – 2mg Zeaxanthin Microencapsulatd in natural acacia tree gum. %EC NRV : not Established

As with all our products the capsule contains only pure ingredients just the way nature intended nothing else, no fillers, no binders and no flow agents.

This is a 100% vegan product. Our capsule shell is made from HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose). This is made up of the trunks of pine and spruce trees that come from the Southwestern United States. HPMC-capsules are colourless, elastic and dissolve as quickly as gelatine capsules.

Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 quality assurance with only the finest quality raw materials.