Are the vitamins in your cupboard good for you? If they are synthetic they might not be!

synethic vs plant-based vitamins

Are the vitamins in your cupboard good for you? If they are synthetic they might not be!

Vitamins, we’ve all taken them at some point or another, but are the vitamins in your cupboard helping you or actually doing you harm? This article might help you answer that question.



Synthesizers are cool, not synthetic vitamins.

Let’s start with synthetic, synthetic vitamins are also referred to as isolated nutrients, these are nutrients that are usually formed through an industrial process rather than a natural one and often contain no nutrients sourced from food or other natural resources. Synthetic nutrients have received some bad press in recent years, and for good reason! Recent studies have found that synthetic supplements can often pose a risk to individuals rather than provide tangible benefits, the production process of synthetic vitamins is greatly different from that of natural vitamins, for example, you will often find unnatural chemicals and additives such as ascorbic acid, fillers, bulking agents, binders and anti-caking agents within synthetic supplements. Additives such as fillers and bulking agents are merely used to add volume to the capsules and to fill out their contents and binders and anti-caking agents are used during production to ensure that manufacturing machines don’t become blocked, all of which don’t provide any tangible benefit to human health. Furthermore, chemical compounds such as ascorbic acid which is used to make unnatural vitamin C has been found to potentially contribute to the formation of genotoxins that lead to cancer (1).

Be one with nature, why natural is better.

Now let’s move onto natural, don’t worry it’s a lot better from here. Natural vitamins are just that, Natural. The manufacturing process for natural vitamins is the same as that of food and any other natural product. Common daily vitamins are only ever derived from plants, foods and other pure resources, meaning that all harmful industrial, artificial and fabricated chemicals and acids are nowhere to be seen. Also, as if that doesn’t already sound convincing enough, published studies have shown that vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin C are absorbed twice as efficiently when consumed from a natural vitamin source than a synthetic one (2). Proving that all things really are better when natural.

Take a look!

If this has changed the way you see vitamins and are thinking of making the switch to a 100% natural future than please have a look at our range for everything you could need. Here at Time Health we only ever use the most natural plant-based ingredients. From cultivation all the way to manufacture we never use any industrial ingredients, additives or chemicals meaning we only produce clean, natural and effective vitamins.


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