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For our latest post, we’ve compiled some healthy eating tips for those who have recently started a new diet or those

who have tried dieting before but struggled to stick with it. We’ve kept it simple, giving you some basic dietary

tricks you can use starting today. All the tips and tricks are simple changes that you can make today which won't

break the bank and might even save you a few pennies.



1. Plan your meals

Planning your meals is a great way to avoid eating unhealthy

quick fixes like ready meals. If you’re struggling for meal ideas,

try looking through a recipe for some inspiration, there are some

fantastic healthy eating cookbooks out there. Note down the

ingredients you’re going to need for each meal as you go for your

next shop. If you know you’re going to be pressed for time to cook on certain nights, having a stir fry a great option,

they take virtually no time but are filled with goodness. Before going shopping, write yourself a list and don’t

deviate from it. When you go to the shops without any idea of what you’re going to buy, you’re far more likely

to be drawn towards snack foods and ready meals.



2. Batch cooking

This tip follows on from meal planning and it really is a no-brainer

If you’re either too busy to cook or simply don’t enjoy cooking. You

can cook your healthy meals in bulk and either refrigerate or freeze

them for later on in the week. It cuts out a huge amount of cooking

time and it means you have emergency meals ready to go. This works

great with meals such as shepherds pie, soup, chilli and curries (why not try these BBC Good Food easy freezable

batch recipes).



3. Limit visits to unhealthy restaurants and cafes / try 

healthier places

If you’re anything like me, your calorie count gets put on hold as

soon as you step food in a restaurant or cafe.  And while there’s

nothing wrong with the occasional trip to your favourite pizzeria

or curry house, going regularly can start to negatively impact on

your health as many of our favourite foods are full of saturated fats and salt. If you enjoy going out for meals

too much and cutting down simply isn’t an option, perhaps try going to places with a healthier menu. My

personal favourite cuisine is Thai which is mainly curry based with lots of vegetables.



4. Include carbohydrate base to your meals

One thing I often hear is that healthy meals just aren’t filling enough

to keep you going, but in almost all of these cases, the problem is

incorrect meal choices. Those who start a diet thinking all they can

eat is salad aren’t going to last more than a day, a meal needs to be

balanced which meals including multiple food groups. Carbohydrate

is a key source of energy and should be the foundation your meals. Some of my favourites include wholegrain rice

as its high in fibre, lentils for their protein and also starchy vegetables such as potatoes which are highly versatile.



5. Fill up on water

Drink as much water as you can. The benefits of drinking water are

numerous, it improves mental performance, restores lost fluids and

prevents headaches, kidney stones and UTI’s to name just a few key

benefits. If you drink before a meal it can help fill you up and avoid

overeating. Water is also a key sources of essential minerals which

help your body operate as it should.



6. But be careful with juice intake

Fruit juice is a healthy drink when consumed in moderation but be

careful. You can get many antioxidants and vitamins from fruit juice

however the sugar content of many juices is similar to or higher than

fizzy drinks. Excess sugar in your diet can lead to weight gain as your

body rapidly turns unused sugar into fat. Instead of juice, there are

some delicious squash drinks on the market which contain far less sugar.



7. Include supplements in your diet

Adding supplements to your diet can be an easy way to get crucial

vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that your body needs.

There are a vast number of supplements available, however be aware

of what you’re buying as many supplement companies use fillers,

binders and additives in their products to bulk out their supplements.

Time Health supplements are 100% natural and free from any nasty stuff.



8. Eat a rainbow

Another easy trick is to “eat a rainbow”. I’m sure you’ve heard this one

already but let me go over why it’s so important to include different

coloured fruit and veg in your diet. Fruit and vegetables that are

similar in colour generally contains similar vitamins, minerals,

antioxidants and phytonutrients. For example, Berries which are

reddish purple in colour tend to be rich in the antioxidant anthocyanins which support a healthy immune system, whereas orange coloured fruit and veg are generally high in carotenoids, which promote eye health.

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