Eye Health: The Key Nutrients

Our eyes are one of our most precious sensory organs which is why it’s important to maintain them. There are a number of ways to ensure we’re keeping our eyes in the best possible condition, these include taking eye tests every other year (as recommended by the NHS), limiting alcohol intake, avoiding smoking, using sun protection, and ensuring we’re including eye nutrients in our diet. Below are some of the key nutrients for promotion and maintenance of healthy eyes. . . Astaxanthin . Astaxanthin is a richly coloured, red carotenoid pigment and potent antioxidant. Haematocococcus Pluvialis microalgae is a natural source of astaxanthin and the strongest with antioxidant values 6000x that of vitamin C. Research indicates astaxathin has numerous health benefits, including for the eyes. . Two leading causes of visual impairment and blindness are age-related macular degeneration and age-related cataracts and both these conditions appear to be linked to light-induced oxidative processes within the eyes. Research indicates that a high dietary intake of carotenoids such as astaxanthin is associated with a lowered risk of developing both age-related cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, this is because astaxanthin has been shown to deposit in the retina of mammals and reducing damage … Continue reading Eye Health: The Key Nutrients